Sunday, January 29, 2017


Catch all the Fun at Nolan's 6th Birthday Party!

 Pokemon I Choose You! 
 As guests arrived they chose their starter Pokemon and wrote their name on their Pikachu party favor bag. 
 Welcome Pokemon Trainers!
We warmed up our pokeball throwing arm by teaming up with a partner for a game of pokeball catch using baseball caps for a mitt. Then we were ready to train our Pokemon.
And battle we did! Carnival Style games earned each trainer badges that could then be spent at the Pokemon Center on various prizes. The games included:

Charmander's Flame Throwing Bean Bag Toss...

Magikarp's Struggle. Trainers had to catch a fish. We blindfolded the trainers to make it more difficult.

Hoopa's Rings. A simple game of ring toss using soda bottles and jar lid rings. Next time I will use swimming rings instead. The jar rings were too small and would pop right back up off the bottles. I have used water bottles in the past with jar lids and that worked  a little better but was still a bit too challenging. Swimming rings are the way to go.

Pokeball Toss. Ping pong balls were spray painted half red to look like pokeballs. Trainers had to toss the pokeballs into the cups. Each cup had a different color inside and was worth various amounts of points.

Squirtle's Water Gun. Ping pong balls converted to pokeballs were again used for this game. Balls were balanced on golf t's and had to be knocked off using a squirt gun.

Chespin's Missiles. Trainers had to shoot the arrow through the hoops. The top hoop was of course worth more points. If playing outdoors, darts could be used to pop balloons instead.

The Pokemon Center
This was a huge hit. Badges that were earned playing the games could be traded in for prizes. Prizes included: mini pokemon figures, pokemon pencils, Charmander Flame Cheetos, Smoochum's Lip Whistles and Magikarp Swedish Fish. The Pokemon figures were by far the most popular and were worth the most badges. This system motivated the players to keep playing the games so they could earn more badges and buy more prizes. Near the end of the party we made sure everyone had at least one of everything in their party bag to take home. 

The PokeGym!
The highlight of the party was of course the time the trainers spent jumping and sliding in the PokeGym Bounce House. So, so fun!

Cake and Ice Cream...
Present Time:

Gotta Catch 'em All
We ended the party with the Gotta Catch 'em all game. Each trainer was given a pokedex (I found these online).  The challenge was to catch or find all of the pokemon in the pokedex that were hidden all around the church. Trainers were let loose running around the halls to be the first to catch em' all!

 Happy Birthday to the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring and selfless six year old I know! Love you more than anything! 
The Invitation.
(Thanks Aunt Amy for designing the invite!)

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